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Order Statistics is a VBL script which will show your bridge behavior between with VertexFX system the Liquidity Provider(s).

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Order Bridge Analyzer VBL Script is your great report for obtaining in one click a full statistics for the VertexFX bridge orders and its behavior though drawing them in a single PIE chart and slicing orders counts inside. Dealing Room can understand by this script how the Bridge behaves in terms of how many times it accepted orders comparing to the rejected ones in the desired period of time.



Order statistics pie chart will enable you to see the following orders:

  • Rejected.
  • Accepted.
  • Accepted with better price.
  • Accepted with worse price. (When LP gives worse price for the VertexFX Bridge)

Also you have the possibility of changing the period of the statistical chart to be shown by:

  • Year.
  • Month.
  • Week.
  • Day.
  • Hour.
  • Custom.


In Custom period you may choose the desired Date/Time to generate the chart for:




  • Download the attachment.
  • Rename it to “custom.vbl
  • Copy it to your VertexFX Bridge folder i.e. C:Program FilesVertexFX Bridge 10Manage and overwrite if asked.
  • If you are using VertexFx Bridge Version ‘10.5.9’ or above then copy it to your VertexFX Bridge folder i.e.  C:Users[USERNAME]AppdataRoaming and overwrite if asked.
  • Run the Bridge.

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