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The Ozymandias indicator is a VTL trend following indicator. It consists of a middle line, an upper band and lower band.

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Using this VBL script, you can make a report for all open positions for specific symbol, then select them all or select the needed positions to be closed, after that type the closing price at which all of these positions will be closed at, finally, by clicking the “Close Selected” button, all these selected positions will be closed at that price.

You can use this script whenever you need to close multiple positions manually at specific price, i.e. when the future symbol is expired.


  • Download the attachment.
  • Rename it to “custom.vbl
  • Copy it to your VertexFX Bridge folder i.e. C:Program FilesVertexFX Bridge 10Manage and overwrite if asked.
  • Run the Bridge.

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