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Auto SlnTP is a server side VertexFX VTL script that when started on server applies a stop loss and take profit on pending orders. The stoploss can be defined in pips or with ATR (Average True Range). When many orders are present in the terminal, applying a stop loss and take profit to each order is time consuming task. This tool is used in such situations.

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Auto SLnTP is a very powerful server side VTL Expert Advisor for VertexFX Trading System. The EA automatize the setting up profit and loss levels in pre-opened trades. This EA helps trader when they place many orders in a small amount of time. It also helps scalpers in setting Stop Loss and Take Profit while working with scalping strategy where the trade get closed before a trader can set Stop Loss or Take Profit Manually. Which can help traders to spend more time for monitoring the charts instead of setting the Stop Loss and Take Profit to each trade that they are opening.

Auto SLnTP does not open any buy or sell orders but automatically set Stop Loss and Take Profit on the preplaced orders within the range specified by the configurable parameters. The EA allow two mode of operation in which the trader either can go for setting up Stop Loss and Take Profit as Fixed Values in terms of pips or with the help of Average Trade Range values (ATR).

The EA calculates the StopLoss and TakeProfit for by two methods which are described in details as follows;
1. Fixed Pips Method : User can provide the Fixed StopLoss and Fixed TakeProfit in terms of Fixed Pips Values.
2. ATR Multiple Method: The expert calculates the Average True Range(ATR) for the current bar.

Stoploss is equals to ATR value multiplied by StopLoss_ATR and the total divided by Piploc TakeProfit is equals to ATR value multiplied by TakeProfit_ATR and todal devided by Piploc The stopLoss and TakeProfit thus calculated will be updated to all the orders placed.

Configurable Inputs
1. SetStopLoss( Auto updation of the Stoploss while true)
2. setTakeProfit(Auto updation of the Stoploss while true)
3. StopLossMethod(1=Fixed SL, 2= ATR Multiple)
4. TakeProfitMethod(1=Fixed TP,2=ATR Multiple)
5. Fixed_SL ( The SL value when StopLossMethod=1)
6. Fixed_TP(The TP value when TakeProfitMethod=1)
7. TakeProfit_ATR: (The TP value when TakeProfitMethod=2)
8. StopLoss_ATR : (The SL value when TakeProfitMethod=2)
9. ATR Time Frame (To select the ATR Timeframe for ATR Multiple SLnTP Method)
10. ATR_Period (To Select ATR Period for the calculation of ATR Multiple SLnTP Method)

Important Note: This EA does not open any Buy or Sell Orders.


  • Download the attachment from vStore or directly from the vStore tab in your terminal by performing a right click on it and selecting Download & Install
  • Copy it to your company VertexFX Local VTL Files folder i.e. C:ProgramDataVertexFX Client Terminals”Company name”VTL10Local VTL Scripts
  • Restart your Client Terminal or Right Click on “Local VTL Scripts” Tree Node to find the script.

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