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Download and use FNCD Indicator for VertexFX Trader. Follow the easy steps to install this idnciator.

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FNCDFNCD indicator is calculated by applying fisher transformation on price. The indicator value is plotted as a histogram, like MACD indicator.However it is more responsive to price changes.

The indicator can be used like other overbought oversold indicators like MACD, RSI etc. The histogram above zero indicates an up trend, and values below zero indicates a down trend. The white dotted line is considered as a signal line. When histogram is below the signal line, histogram color is red. Histogram color is green when histogram is above the signal line. When the FNCD indicator is below zero, histogram turning red after green bars can be taken as sell signal. For a buy signal, histogram turn to green above zero. Extreme reading in the histogram indicates over bought or oversold conditions. This can be used for counter trend trades. The indicator can be customized through parameters.

The YouTube video explains the application of the indicator in detail.

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