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Download and use the Alligator Indicator for VertexFX Trader. Follow the easy steps to install this indicator.

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AA+ Indicator is a client side VTL Script. It is based on the alligator indicator. Alligator indicator is three displaced moving averages placed on a price chart. The moving averages are called alligator jaws, teeth and lips.

The longer moving average is called Jaws, usually it is a 13 period moving average displaced by 8 bars. The Teeth is a 8 period moving average displaced by 5 bars, and the lips, a 5 period moving average displaced by 3 bars. When the 3 averages are closely placed in a narrow band, the alligator (a metaphor) is said to be sleeping and then as the moving averages moves away from each other, alligator opens its mouth. When alligator is sleeping (gap between moving averages is narrow), the market is trading sideways. When the moving averages widens (alligator opens its mouth), a new trend is beginning.

The AA+ indicator uses the alligator moving averages and price bars to find trend. It calculates the width between these moving averages and price bars, and quantifies the width. It then compares this value against a threshold level to identify trend reversals. The alligator moving averages are not plotted by AA+ indicator. However it plots a histogram for the quantified width between these moving averages, blue for uptrend and red for down trend. When the red histogram is above the threshold level, it is beginning of a down trend and when blue histogram is above threshold level, it is beginning of a new up trend.

The alligator MA periods can be customized with the parameters in the VTL script. The threshold levels for the buy and sell signals can also be customized. In the image attached, the AA+ Indicator is marking trend reversals. The blue arrow marks new uptrend and red arrow marks new down trend.


  • Download the attachment.
  • Copy it to your company VertexFX  Local VTL Files folder i.e. C:Program FilesCompany Namevtl10Local VTL Scripts
  • Restart your Client Terminal or Right Click on “Local VTL Scripts” Tree Node to find the script.


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